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Claire has a deeply engrained relationship with Africa, where she spent her childhood, and Africa’s wilderness areas have inspired a career in analysis, advocacy and strategic solutions for sustainable development. Claire has made her home in several major cities in the world, and considers that the intersection of culture, creativity and wisdom facilitated by cities is crucial to creating a resilient, equitable and inclusive future. 


Our built environments are, for many, the hub of opportunity, education and employment; how we experience our cities can shape our sense of place and purpose in the world. Inviting nature into our cities can increase social cohesion and strengthen environmental stewardship, while also providing direct benefits to health, productivity, self-actualisation and happiness. 


Another strand to Claire’s passion is physical fitness. She runs bespoke training sessions and outdoor adventure getaways further afield. She splits her time between France, the UK and Australia and is currently writing her first book. 

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